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With Arriaga Culinary Consultancy, our commitment to culinary excellence extends beyond our own doors. Our passion for the culinary arts drives us to offer consultancy services to share our knowledge and experience with those looking to elevate their culinary offerings to new heights. Whether you’re planning to open a new restaurant, enhance your current menu, or provide unique culinary experiences at events and catering, our consultancy is designed to guide you towards success.


Menu design for your restaurant

Culinary essence on every page

When working in gastronomic consultancy, we believe that a restaurant menu is much more than a simple list of dishes. It is a reflection of the culinary identity of your business and an opportunity to captivate your diners from the very beginning. Our gastronomic consultancy service focuses on assisting you in creating a menu that speaks from the heart and delights your customers with each visit.

We will start by immersing ourselves in the essence of your restaurant, understanding your values and culinary philosophy. We are interested in learning about your aspirations and the message you wish to convey through your dishes. Armed with this knowledge, our team of experts in fine dining and signature cuisine will work hand in hand with you to bring to life a menu that is authentic and memorable.

From the selection of the dishes to the description of each one, every detail will be carefully considered to convey your passion for gastronomy. Our chefs will contribute their creativity and experience to ensure that each dish is a true culinary masterpiece. We will take into account factors such as the season and the availability of fresh, local ingredients to ensure that your menu is in constant harmony with the delights offered by each season.

The presentation of the menu is also of paramount importance, as it will be the first contact your diners have with your gastronomic proposal. With an elegant and attractive design, we will highlight the standout dishes and convey the essence of your restaurant on every page. At Arriaga Restaurant, we are passionate about celebrating culinary essence on every menu, and we are excited to assist you in creating a proposal that leaves an indelible mark in the memory of your diners.

Consultoría Arriaga: cartas para tu restaurante
Consultoría Arriaga: Diseño de menús para eventos y catering


Event and catering menu design

Culinary experiences for your guests

Every event and catering service presents a unique opportunity to delight your guests with exceptional culinary experiences. Our consultancy focuses on providing you with personalized support in creating menus that cater to the needs and preferences of your clients, ensuring that every bite is a delight.

We will begin by listening to your requirements and understanding the type of event you wish to host, whether it’s an intimate celebration, a gala banquet, or a corporate gathering. With this information, our culinary creativity team will design a personalized menu that reflects the essence of the event and leaves a lasting impression on your guests from the very start.

The selection of dishes will be done with great care, aiming to highlight the authentic flavors of each ingredient and presenting a fusion of creativity and elegance in every presentation. We will ensure that the culinary proposal is in harmony with the theme and style of the event, providing a gastronomic experience that becomes the center of attention and an unforgettable memory for your guests.

We understand the importance of details in events and catering. Therefore, we will work with you to customize every aspect of the menu, from appetizers to desserts, and offer options that cater to different preferences and dietary needs. Our goal is for your events to be remembered not only for the celebration but also for the exceptional culinary experience you provide.


Consultancy for the setup of establishments and kitchens

Creating efficient and functional culinary spaces

The design and setup of a restaurant and kitchen are essential for the efficient and successful operation of a restaurant. Our gastronomic consultancy focuses on providing you with comprehensive and personalized guidance to create a culinary space that reflects your vision and maximizes your team’s productivity.

From the outset of the project, we will conduct a detailed analysis of the available space and advise you on the most suitable layout to ensure a comfortable and efficient workflow. We will also consider every aspect of the setup, from the selection of equipment and furniture to the design of preparation, cooking, and plating areas. Our extensive experience in fine dining and restaurant management enables us to optimize the space so that each corner serves a specific function and the entire team works in harmony.

Efficiency and functionality are crucial in a kitchen. We will ensure that every detail aligns with your operational needs. Additionally, we value aesthetics and style, as an attractive and inviting design can have a positive impact on the dining experience of your customers.

Our consultancy will provide you with recommendations on the appropriate equipment, optimal space layout, and the implementation of safety and hygiene standards. The goal is to create a functional, safe, and high-performance culinary environment that supports your team’s talent and enables you to deliver the culinary magic you wish to offer to your diners.

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Consultoría Arriaga: Formación y reciclaje de personal


Training and retraining of personnel

Nurturing talent

The talent and dedication of the human team are the essence of an exceptional gastronomic experience. As gastronomic consultants, we offer training and retraining programs for kitchen and front-of-house staff, designed to nurture culinary talent and provide excellent service that exceeds our diners’ expectations. Our training goes beyond culinary techniques; we focus on cultivating a culture of passion for the culinary arts and conveying the philosophy of Arriaga Restaurant. Our cooking courses are taught by our expert chefs, who share their knowledge, experiences, and culinary secrets to ensure that each dish is an authentic work of art. Additionally, we offer specialized workshops where we explore specific aspects of fine dining, such as pastry, wine tastings, beer, and any others you may request. These workshops provide an opportunity to expand knowledge and discover new trends and flavors. In the front-of-house, we train our staff in the art of hospitality and exceptional service. Our front-of-house professionals undergo training aimed at excellence in customer service, ensuring a memorable and warm experience for all our diners. We understand that the culinary industry is constantly evolving, so staff retraining is essential to staying at the forefront. Our gastronomic consultancy offers retraining programs that allow personnel to update their skills and knowledge in line with the latest culinary trends and advancements. At Arriaga Restaurant, we believe in the power of talent and training to provide exceptional service to our diners. With our consultancy, we aim to inspire and nurture your team’s culinary talent, so that each visit to your restaurant is an unforgettable experience and a celebration of the culinary arts. Together, we can raise the standard of fine dining and make each dish a culinary experience that resonates with those who enjoy our creations.

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Our gastronomic consultancy is a valuable tool for those looking to take their culinary offering to the next level. At Arriaga Restaurant, we have a team of experts in fine dining and signature cuisine with extensive experience in creating exceptional culinary experiences. Our passion for the culinary arts drives us to share our knowledge and culinary secrets with you so that you can stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

By choosing our consultancy, you will benefit from personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs. We will work with you to understand your vision and culinary philosophy, helping you create a restaurant menu that reflects your identity and captivates your diners. Additionally, we offer training and retraining for your team, ensuring that each member is equipped to provide exceptional service and an unforgettable experience to your diners.

What sets our gastronomic consultancy apart is our passion for culinary excellence and our personalized approach to each project. We are not just external consultants; we become committed allies to the success of your business. Our extensive experience in fine dining and restaurant management allows us to offer comprehensive guidance that spans from creating restaurant menus to setting up establishments and kitchens, including training for your team.

At Arriaga Restaurant, we believe in the power of creativity and innovation to make a difference in the culinary industry. Our consultancy will provide you with fresh ideas and creative solutions that will help you stand out and offer unique culinary experiences that captivate your diners. Our commitment is to your success, and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your goals and become a leader in the culinary world.

Choosing Arriaga Restaurant’s gastronomic consultancy gives you the advantage of having a team of experts in fine dining and signature cuisine with extensive experience in restaurant management. Unlike hiring an in-house chef or external consultant, our consultancy offers a more comprehensive and personalized approach, covering everything from creating restaurant menus to setting up establishments and kitchens, and training your team.

Furthermore, being part of Arriaga Restaurant, our consultancy provides you with access to culinary knowledge and secrets that have been tested and perfected over the years. Our passion for the culinary arts and our commitment to culinary excellence make us the ideal partner to take your culinary offering to the next level. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals, and together, we will celebrate the art of fine dining in every dish we serve.

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